Join host Wesley LeBlanc as he rides solo today to give you a quick glimpse at You Suck At Parking, an upcoming racer with a unique twist

You Suck At Parking | New Gameplay Today .

Join host Wesley LeBlanc as he rides solo today to showcase a quick glimpse of You Suck At Parking, an upcoming racer with a very unique twist. Instead of racing to a finish line, your objective is the marked parking stop.  
Stopping in a parking spot might sound easy but as you'll soon find out, it's anything but because each track is littered with obstacles such as barriers that immediately destroy your car, magnets aiming to pull you off the track, boosters, jump pads, and more. You must survive through it all in order to reach the coveted parking spot at the end of the road. 
Check it out for yourself in the New Gameplay Today below: 

Enjoy this first look at You Suck At Parking as Wesley briefly introduces you to the world of the game before taking a back seat to let you enjoy some uninterrupted gameplay (that's harder than it looks so when you see me die a bunch of times, no you didn't). You Suck At Parking is slated to launch sometime this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. 
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