New Ms. Marvel Poster Reveals Kamala Khan's Family

A new poster celebrating 50 days until the release of Ms. Marvel shows all of the people who are closet to Kamala Khan, offering a glimpse of how the upcoming Disney Plus show will adapt the comic.

Marvel Studios has revealed a brand-new poster for the upcoming Ms. Marvel series on Disney Plus, but instead of a focus on her powers or potential villains, this poster instead turns an eye toward the entire Khan family and Kamala's close friends.
Slated for release this summer, Ms. Marvel will feature the version of the hero first introduced back in 2013. Similar to other classic teenage superheroes, Kamala will spend part of her time dodging her family's questions about her hidden heroic exploits.
In the poster, Kamala is front-and-center in her full Ms. Marvel costume, and you can also see a smaller glimpse of her copying Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel look from the first film.

This story originally appeared on: IGN - Author:Mike Williams

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