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Cats are fickle creatures, and Stray captures this perfectly. From knocking objects off shelves to scratching couches and walls, there are tons of fun feline activities to get up to. Stray also has several puzzles and quite a few hidden collectibles, so if you've been looking for help, you've found the right place. Bookmark this page, then click around to find what you need. Cheers!
Table of Contents [hide]Where to find all Sheet Music How to open the Slums SafeWhere to find all the Outsider notebooksWhere to get all four Energy Drink CansHow to get the Super Spirit DetergentHow to fix the broken TrackerWhere to find red, yellow, and purple plants

Where to find all Sheet Music

Once you reach The Slums, you'll meet quite a few colorful characters. One such character is Morusque, a guitar-playing musician who is in need of some inspiration. Luckily, you can scour the Slums to find Sheet Music to give to him. Doing so lets you enjoy his delightful compositions, so check out our guide to find every piece of Sheet Music in Stray.

How to open the Slums Safe

You may have noticed a locked safe in an alley near Morusque in The Slums. Unlocking it will have you running all over the area, but we've got an easy-to-follow guide just for you. Follow it and you'll obtain the final piece of Sheet Music.

Where to find all the Outsider notebooks

To proceed from Chapter 4 to Chapter 5, you'll need to bring Momo all four of the Outsider Notebooks, but they are scattered across The Slums. Lucky for you, we've found each and every one, so follow our guide and you'll be moving in no time.

Where to get all four Energy Drink Cans

There is a very helpful merchant in The Slums. Strangely, he is largely interested in trading his wares for Energy Drink Cans. These can be obtained by mashing buttons on vending machines around the area, and we have noted each location so you can claim all his items, including the Memory collectible he's guarding.

How to get the Super Spirit Detergent

The Slums merchant is offering most of his items in exchange for Energy Drink Cans, but one item, the electrical cable, he'll only part with in exchange for something called Super Spirit Detergent. It can be a little tricky to get, so check out our guide to snag the cable (and a sweet freaking poncho from Grandma).

How to fix the broken Tracker

If you've been trying to make your way into the Dead End to find a long-lost father, you've probably obtained the Broken Tracker, but you'll need to fix it before you can proceed. Our guide will take you step-by-step through the rather lengthy item-trading quest you'll need to complete it.

Where to find red, yellow, and purple plants

In Antvillage, you'll be asked to assemble the ingredients to make new colors of paint for a local artist. These can be obtained nearby, and we tracked every location you'll need to finish the request.
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