Hephaistos' health has been knocked off by 1%

Final Fantasy XIV 6.21 Patch Notes Released, Savage Boss Nerfed

Final Fantasy XIV's first patch for the 6.0 update, 6.21, was released on September 12. The patch primarily addresses the Abyssos Savage raid progs and the extremely tight fights in the last few tiers. Usually it doesn't matter what jobs any player uses, but with the latest Abyssos Savage raid, some jobs started to outshine others--something players, as well as the devs, took note of.
Warrior and Paladin have now been adjusted to do more damage. This comes after Paladins, which comparably does less DPS than other tank jobs, struggled to complete the DPS check in the eighth circle--causing some players to (angrily) try other jobs like Gunbreaker in order to clear.
Hephaistos, the eighth circle boss, also got a nerf, and his HP has been reduced by 1%. According to the patch notes, the FF14 testing team became too good at defeating Hephaistos, thus pushing the fight's difficulty too far beyond the average player's abilities to clear.
"In our endeavor to create an encounter more challenging than Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), the team responsible for final adjustments spent a great deal more time than usual working on balance for this raid battle," the patch notes said.
"Under normal circumstances, the DPS of this team serves as a base for determining a boss HP value that results in clears as close to the time limit as possible. However, as extra time was dedicated to testing this battle, the team's overall performance proved to be higher than usual. As a result, the base values used for adjustments were too high, with final values roughly 1% higher than intended."
FF14's 6.0 update takes players to another shard, The Void, in a quest to find Vtra's sister. Accompanying it is Island Sanctuary, a new farming sim on an island procured for you by the ever-enterprising Tataru.
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