GungHo's bite-sized battle royale will launch at the end of the month

Deathverse: Let It Die Confirmed For September 28 Release Date On PS5, October 5 On PC

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that Deathverse: Let It Die, the melee-focused battle royale set thousands of years after 2016's Let It Die, will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 28, with the PC launch to follow on October 5.
Deathverse: Let It Die will pit 16 players against one another in a battle to the death made into a game show called Death Jamboree. Characters can be customized via in-game cosmetics, including costumes, masks, and color sets, while weapons can be upgraded via a crafting system before each match.

Players will use swords, hammers, and unique weapons like the two-handed Buzzsaw to fight, using them against other players as well as enemies called Cryptids. Players will build Voltage during each battle, which not only acts as the character's HP but also increases their strength at higher levels.
Deathverse will offer three ways to play at launch: ranked match, exhibition match, and special Room Games. Room Games are custom matches where players holding specific codes called Room Keys can play together, record the matches, and save up to five videos at a time. Room Games can only be hosted by those who purchase the the highest premium battle pass, know as the Platinum Pass.
The arena is broken into multiple sections which are randomly selected to fill with gas as a match plays out, rendering them inaccessible. In addition, a super-powerful NPC called a Hunter will spawn in one random section per match, pursuing players with relentless attacks before leaving the arena.
Deathverse: Let It Die will launch for free September 28 for PlayStation 4 and 5, followed by a PC launch October 5. Multiple season passes--called Jamboree Passes--will be available, offering additional cosmetics, experience boosts, and the aforementioned ability to host Room Games with the Platinum Pass.
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