The classic shoot-'em-up was announced to be coming to Switch, released, and then removed from sale in under 24 hours

Radiant Silvergun Is Mysteriously Missing From The North American eShop

Radiant Silvergun, the classic 1998 shoot-'em-up from developer Treasure, is currently no longer available for purchase via the North American Nintendo Switch eShop, despite the game having been announced and released yesterday.
The Switch port made its debut as part of the most recent Nintendo Direct, after which the game was made available for purchase. However, that only lasted for a few hours in North America, with Radiant Silvergun having been seemingly pulled from the storefront shortly after the direct.

Publisher Live Wire put out a statement on Twitter confirming the game's removal, but didn't offer any details exactly as to why it was removed or when it will potentially return. We reached out to Nintendo to potentially learn more, but were pointed back towards Live Wire for more information. Radiant Silvergun is still available for purchase on the European and Japanese eShops.
According to Nintendo Life, this isn't the first time a game from Live Wire has been quickly pulled from sale only to return sometime later. Last year, the Live Wire published Mushihimesama was removed from the European eShop due to a PEGI rating error. The game returned to the eShop a few weeks later.
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This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Cameron Koch

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