Your playthrough can end after a gunshot in Nimpossible mode

Weird West Update 1.04 Adds Alternative Aiming and Permadeath

Weird West's latest patch released on September 12, 2022 and adding an alternate aiming system, a permadeath mode, and some smaller fixes and additions.
The alternative aiming mode is an experimental feature, which can be toggled on and off in the options at any time. Though the default aiming works in a classic twin-stick shooter model, in this mode the camera controls are preserved while aiming.
Permadeath comes to Weird West in Nimpossible mode. In this mode, you cannot manually save, rather you must load the game from a dedicated auto-save slot. You can find and use Nimp Heads to resurrect throughout your journey. However, if you die when you don't have any, your playthrough is over and the auto-save is deleted.
There is also new story content exclusive to Nimpossible mode that fleshes out the lore around the resurrection mechanic. If you play Nimpossible, you can find two new travel encounters and a new side quest as part of the playthrough.
Other additions include a tracking of human kill count to assist players attempting a non-lethal playthrough, retuning of blunt weapons to prevent accidentally killing targets, and an additional level of slo-mo while aiming in the options menu.
You can find full details and video demonstrations of new features on Weird West's Steam page, as well as a complete list of the update's bug fixes.
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