343 confirms it will not add purchasable Spartan Points to Halo: The Master Chief Collection after saying it might do so

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Not Add Microtransactions After All

Halo developer 343 Industries has confirmed it will not add microtransactions to The Master Chief Collection after exploring the possibility of doing so earlier this year. 343 said it considered adding purchasable Spartan Points to the game, but that is no longer happening.
In a blog post, 343 simply stated, "We can confirm that we will not be further pursuing purchasable Spartan Points for MCC.
Spartan Points in The Master Chief Collection will continue to be only unlockable via gameplay. Back in June, 343 said the purchasable Spartan Points might be added to the game to help players skip the grind of obtaining new items, but 343 has now changed plans.
343 is, however, making some changes to Spartan Points in MCC. "The 100-point cap is being removed, retroactive points will be granted, and we will be making further adjustments to Challenges to make them more rewarding, along with bringing back Double XP Weekends," 343 said. These changes are expected to go live in the next big update for MCC, which is scheduled for November.
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While microtransactions are not coming to The Master Chief Collection, 343 is adding more to Halo Infinite, the latest of which is bunny ear DLC that is out now. Looking ahead, 343 plans to add even more to Halo Infinite as part of the company's live-service ambitions.
Additionally, Halo Infinite's couch co-op mode has been canceled as 343 pushes forward with live-service content instead. The game's biggest update to date, the Winter Update, arrives in November ahead of Season 3: Echoes Within in March 2023.
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Eddie Makuch

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