Check out Overwatch 2's newest Support hero, Kiriko, a ninja who can heal allies using the mystic arts

Overwatch 2's Next Support Hero Is Kiriko, a Healing Ninja

Overwatch has announced its newest hero, Kiriko, a healing ninja who joins the roster as its latest Support character.
Kiriko is a ninja healer who grew up alongside the Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji, who view her like a niece. Kiriko is aided by her Kitsune spirit and can throw protection Suzu to her allies or kunai against her enemies.
Kiriko’s protection Suzu makes allies briefly invulnerable when hit, and cleanses them of most negative effects. Her healing Ofuda channels a burst of healing talismans that seek targeted allies.
Kiriko can also Swift Step and teleport directly to an ally, even through walls. Or even just wall climb like Hanzo and Genji.
Kiriko’s Ultimate is Kitsune Rush, where she can summon a fox spirit that accelerates the movement, attack speed, and cooldowns of allies in its path.
Overwatch 2 - Kiriko ScreenshotsOverwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.Overwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.Overwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.Overwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.Overwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.Overwatch 2 Kiriko screenshots.
Blizzard will release Kiriko as part of the Season One battle pass for Overwatch 2. She will be available immediately for anyone who purchases the Premium Battle Pass or the Founders Pack, given to every player who already owns the original Overwatch. Kiriko will also be unlocked at Tier 55 on the free track battle pass.
For more about Overwatch 2’s battle pass plans, check out our full explainer here, and be sure to read IGN’s Overwatch 2 preview for more on Blizzard’s upcoming sequel.

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