The found footage film series is back, this time at the edge of the millennium

V/H/S/99 Scares Up A New Trailer As It Counts Down To The New Millennium

The V/H/S series started in 2012 as a horror anthology film co-created by Brad Miska and Bloody Disgusting. It featured six original stories that had an overlapping theme with them being on VHS tapes found in a room. Eventually, it spawned three sequels, V/H/S/2, V/H/S: Viral, V/H/S/94, and a spin-off, Siren. There was also a miniseries V/H/S: Video Horror Shorts on Snapchat's Snap Originals platform.
Now, the latest entry takes fans to the dawn of the new millennia and the beginning of the decline of the use of VHS tapes and VCRs. V/H/S/99 will explore era-related themes such as the rise of DVD technology as well as the hysteria and anxiety leading to Y2K. The film was described in a statement as "the final punk rock analog days of VHS while taking one giant leap forward into the hellish new millennium."

The first film in the franchise was a sleeper hit that rushed the sequel quickly into production, which actually has more acclaim than its predecessor. The second sequel, Viral, was released on Video on Demand on October 2014, and in theatres on November 21 of the same year. That theme was about teens wanting to be internet sensations.
V/H/S/99 will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, followed by a US Premiere at Fantastic Fest 2022. The film will be the first sequel to include only newcomers to the franchise, with Johannes Roberts, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyre, Maggie Levin, and Vanessa and Joseph Winter set to direct.
V/H/S/99 will be released on Shudder on October 20, 2022
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Lan Pitts

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