A concept trailer of the world of Teyvat was recently teased

Genshin Impact Anime Project Announced, Concept Trailer Revealed

With the success of Genshin Impact, an adaptation of some kind felt inevitable. Announced during the game's version 3.1 presentation, a three-minute concept trailer showed the art style and feel of what the anime will eventually look like. The trailer was later shared on the official Genshin Impact Twitter account.
Game developer HoYoverse is collaborating with animation studio Ufotable on the project, but given the fact this is only a concept trailer, it will likely be some time before this actually gets released. HoYoverse even branded this as a "long-term project."

Genshin Impact takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which is home to seven nations. Each of those nations are connected to a different element and ruled by a different god. The main story follows the Traveler, who has traveled across numerous worlds with their twin sibling before becoming separated in Teyvat. The Traveler travels in search of the lost sibling with their companion Paimon and becomes involved in the affairs of Teyvat's nations.
The teaser showed some of these landscapes, including the mysterious floating island of Celestia, which is allegedly home to gods, as well as mortals who have ascended to godhood.
Upon release, Genshin Impact received generally positive reviews, you can read GameSpot's here. Critics praised the game's combat system and massive open world. It had a first-year launch revenue of more than $3 billion, the highest for any video game, and a revenue of more than $4 billion as of this past March.
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