Eight-player raids are now available in Tower of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Version 1.5 Is Live

Level Infinite has launched the 1.5 update for its MMORPG mobile and PC game Tower of Fantasy. The latest update introduces new bosses, characters, weapons, and areas to explore.
Players can now find the Artificial Island in an area separate from the main game. To unlock it, they must either be level 50 or reach a specific mission in-game. Those who decide to go to the Artificial Island will find materials such as gold, black nucleus, and red nucleus (rare). As they progress through the Island, they'll eventually be able to build their own Artificial Island, and this will unlock exclusive maps as well as collect materials.
Players can also unlock Claudia, a new character who's described as "cold at first but is more of a kind-hearted older sister once you get to know her." She's a master with one-handed swords and has great mobility. She'll also bring the Guren Blade, which is considered a grievous type weapon with shatter and charge abilities.
In addition to introducing a new character, players can now participate in eight-player raids. Once a team of eight is formed, they'll be able to fight the Frostfire Dragon, and if the boss is defeated, they'll earn special fortress weaponry rewards.
Lastly, daily log-ins and the Aida Cafe will have various limited-time events for players. During the limited-time event, they can enter the cafe and, from the rewards page, serve up to three mysterious customers. Players will have to explore the game to find the proper ingredients for the food, and the more money they spend in the cafe will earn them better rewards.
Tower Of Fantasy is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
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