Quantic Dream is aiming to create a Star Wars game with a strong story, action, and multiple choices

Star Wars Eclipse Will Feature The "Fundamental" Elements Of A Quantic Dream Game

Star Wars Eclipse developer Quantic Dream has shared new details on how it plans to retain the "fundamental elements" of its game development formula and use them to craft an action-adventure set in the iconic galaxy that's far (far) away.
"I think with each new title we try to innovate, we try to explore new ground," CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere said to IGN Japan. "With Star Wars Eclipse we're certainly going to keep the fundamental elements of a Quantic Dream game; very strong story, very strong characters, multiple playable characters, and of course, giving the players the possibility to change, through their actions and decisions, how the story unfolds."
Where Quantic Dream wants to change up its formula from the story-heavy approach seen in games such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, is in the action department. The studio wants to infuse action elements into Star Wars Eclipse, which will be set during the High Republic era of Star Wars continuity.
"Where the formula is changing, we said very clearly we are doing an action-adventure, so the action elements are also going to be very important," said de Fondaumiere.
Star Wars: Eclipse is just one of several Star Wars games on the horizon. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is busy working on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a Star Wars strategy game, and an untitled first-person shooter, while Ubisoft has a "new story-driven open-world" Star Wars title in development. Skydance New Media is also producing a Star Wars game that it describes as a "cinematic action-adventure" that has an original story.
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