Seven more fighters were confirmed during a special Street Fighter presentation

Capcom Confirms Street Fighter 6 Playable Roster Will Have 18 Characters

One day after Capcom's TGS 2022 Special Program showcased new modes, characters, and a closed beta test for Street Fighter 6, a separate presentation has confirmed the launch roster for the game through an intro video.
The presentation showed the introduction to the game's single-player story mode World Tour, which showcases the entire roster as a narrator talks over the video. All 11 confirmed characters were shown, as were seven previously unknown fighters.

The full roster list is below, with newly confirmed characters marked with an asterisk:
BlankaCammy*Chun-LiDee Jay*DhalsimE. HondaGuileJamieJP*JuriKenKimberlyLily*LukeManon*Marisa*RyuZangief*
The presentation showed another character, Bosch, who serves as the player character's rival in the World Tour mode. There is no word yet on whether or not Bosch will be made playable, whether as an unlockable or as future downloadable content.
The Capcom TGS 2022 Special Program revealed many of Street Fighter 6's featured modes, including the Battle Hub where players can join together and play both SF6 and classic Capcom games. Also, the aforementioned World Tour will let players create their own avatar and explore the world of Street Fighter, including the ability to learn moves from members of the game's roster and use them in battle against NPCs throughout the world.
Street Fighter 6 is the latest installment of Capcom's fighting franchise, which will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC in 2023.
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Jason Fanelli

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