Shoot some hoops, return to Monkey Island, and level up doing menial tasks in this week's Switch eShop selection

Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Basketball And Daily Grind RPGs This Week

Every week brings new titles to the Nintendo Switch eShop, and this week the hybrid system is getting ready to take on all challengers in the basketball court, return to a legendary adventure series, and dive into the exciting world of running a bed and breakfast.
Available right now on the Nintendo eShop is NBA 2K23, the latest chapter in the annual sports series. Like previous games, NBA 2K23 is all about building your own legend on and off the court, rising from rookie prospect to NBA legend. For fans of piracy--the good kind--Return to Monkey Island arrives on September 19 to chart a new course for Guybrush Threepwood. Set after the events of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, the game features series creator Ron Gilbert at the helm and was developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.
Created by the development team that worked on Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, Various Daylife combines familiar adventure-RPG mechanics with simulation-RPG structures while promoting character growth through everyday work. There'll be over 20 job classes and more than 100 types of daily tasks to tackle, with each new day being an opportunity to grow your character and deepen your relationships with the locals.
Here's everything else you can grab on the Switch right now and over the next couple of days:

Available now

Various DaylifeBear & BreakfastNBA 2K23Absolute Tactics: Daughters of MercyAccidentAnkora: Lost DaysArcade Archives CHAMPION WRESTLERBrutal Chase TurboDevoured by DarknessDungeons 3 – Nintendo Switch EditionFamily ManForetalesGold CrusaderGunslingers & ZombiesInnocence IslandJapanese Escape Games The Mansion of TricksKitten's Head FootballLast Beat EnhancedMozart RequiemPaddlesPBA Pro Bowling 2023Plunder PanicPoly Link – OriginsQueen’s Garden – Sakura SeasonReknum DXSacred ValleySAOMISilent SectorSoulslandThe Dark ProphecyUnichrome: A 1-Bit Unicorn AdventureWayward StrandWindmill Engine

Available September 19

Return to Monkey Island

Available September 20

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