While there are no plans to add famous stars for the upcoming Season 2, the possibility is open for Season 3 down the line

If Squid Game Season 3 Happens, It Could Feature Hollywood Stars

Netflix's Squid Game became a pop culture sensation and eventually became the streamer's most-watched of all time. As part of a special Squid Game press conference after winning six Emmys including Outstanding Director for Drama and Outstanding Lead actor, director Hwang Dong-hyuk talked about upcoming plans for the later seasons.
Hwang mentioned that Netflix upped the budget for Season 2, which is slated to be released by late 2023 or early 2024. During the ceremony, the director was told by Hollywood stars that they're huge fans of the series and would love to participate, including A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Maybe if time allows and if chances allow we should ask him to join the game," said Hwang (via Variety). "We have already joked about that."
The Emmy-winning director said that big Hollywood actors aren't part of the plan for Season 2 since the series will again be set in Korea. However, if Netflix moves ahead with Season 3 Hwang said that prerogative will "probably change" but mentioned he's definitely feeling the pressure after Season 1's success caught him off guard.
Squid Game's Season 1 received an astonishing 14 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including for Best Drama, making it the first non-English language work to be nominated in this category. Though it lost to Succession, the win for Jung-jae made it the first time an Asian actor had won this award for a non-English work.
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Lan Pitts

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