Phil Spencer has reiterated that Microsoft has no plans to increase the price of the Xbox Series X or S following Sony recently raising the PlayStation 5's price

Phil Spencer Reiterates That Xbox Has No Plans for a Price Hike

Phil Spencer has reiterated that Microsoft has no plans to increase the price of the Xbox Series X or S following Sony recently raising the PlayStation 5's price in some territories.
Speaking to CNBC's Squawk Asia (below), the Xbox boss made clear that the Xbox Series X and S will remain at $499 and $299 respectively.
"We're always evaluating our business going forward so I don't think we can ever say on anything that we'll never do something," Spencer said. "But when we look at our consoles today, we think value's incredibly important.

"We love the position of the Series S in the market, which is our lower cost console; over half of our new players that we're finding are coming in through Series S. I can definitely say we have no plans today to raise the price of our consoles.
"We think that in a time where our customers are more economically challenged and uncertain than ever, we don't think it's the right move for us at this point to be raising prices on our consoles."
Spencer first clarified that this would be the case last month, when the eyes of the industry turned to Xbox following the PlayStation price hike.
Sony announced on August 25 that it would be raising the price of the PS5 in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Canada as a result of "high global inflation rates as well as adverse currency trends," it said at the time.
The Best Games to Play on Xbox Series X|SThe Xbox Series X and Series S are finally out, and while there aren't many big new exclusives on Microsoft's newest platform there are still plenty of great games on the black and white bricks.<br></br>Whether jumping into a new adventure or revisiting an old favorite, here are our picks for the ten best games on the Xbox Series X. Let us know what's on your list that's not on ours in the comments.<h3>15. Outer Wilds</h3>
For those of you looking for an adventure that'll put your exploration skills to the test, Outer Wilds Ventures is waiting with a beautiful mystery about life and death ready to unfold. Outer Wilds will challenge you to discover why an ancient civilization suddenly disappeared and, more importantly, why the universe keeps ending every 22 minutes. That end of the universe does mean your progress resets after the time expires, but the time loop makes space for interesting puzzles and even cooler planet designs.
Better yet, you can explore Outer Wilds' solar system in whatever order you want. You can drop a thread or pick it back up whenever inspiration strikes you. Or, you can just hang out with other explores on their planet, listen to music, and roast marshmallows. Outer Wilds uniquely manages to be cozy in its exploration while also challenging and sometimes rather spooky with its puzzles. If you're craving more after you've discovered the secrets of Outer Wilds' universe, one more mystery remains with the Echoes of the Eye DLC.<h3>14. Ori and the Will of the Wisps</h3>
Moon Studios' excellent Ori and the Will of the Wisps builds on the first game’s fun foundation without bogging it down or becoming overcomplicated, which is the best praise you can give a sequel. It stays true to the spirit of the original, doubles down on what made it great, and gives you more stake in the world and options to navigate it.
And now on Xbox Series X, Moon has pushed the already jaw-droppingly gorgeous game to new heights at 120 FPS and 4K UHD, with native HDR support, and even a 6K resolution supersampled rendering mode at 60 FPS. When paired with the dynamic high-range audio, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the absolute best way to play this heartfelt followup of the little spirit that never gives up on its friends.<h3>13. Halo: The Master Chief Collection</h3>
This package now collects six Halo games all under one digital roof – everything except Halo 5. It's been torn down to the studs and rebuilt in grand fashion, and even better, it's been upgraded AGAIN for Xbox Series X with support for 120fps gameplay. Crazy to think that these games were 480i/30fps the first time we played them...<h3>12. Mass Effect Legendary Edition</h3>
Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes Mass Effect 1-3, and almost every single piece of DLC ever made for the games including armor, story missions, characters and more. As a matter of fact, the only content not included was Pinnacle Station for the original Mass Effect, and that's only because the code was somehow lost at BioWare.
All together, it really is the best edition of some of the best RPGs ever created. Follow Commander Shepard on a space journey spanning three massive games as they builds their team and protect the galaxy from the ultimate destroyer known as the Reapers. Unmissable. <h3>11. Hitman 3</h3>
Unfortunately, pure stealth games seem to be a dying genre. Metal Gear? MIA. Splinter Cell? Sigh... But Agent 47 lives on, and his latest outing, Hitman 3, is the best the series – and the entire stealth genre – has seen in years. The conclusion to the new-era Hitman trilogy sees Agent 47 tackle six new missions, from the opening Dubai skyscraper to the Knives Out-like family mansion that follows.
All of them, like the best of this series, can be played many different times in many different ways. Disguises, gadgets, poisons, plotting, planning, and sweet-talking are all tools in your arsenal in the most gloriously fun ways.
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