Fortnite NPCs are once again taking up residence all across the island

Fortnite Characters In Chapter 3, Season 4 - All 22 NPC Locations Here's where to find them in Chapter 3, Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 is here, which means you have a whole new cast of characters to meet and greet at various named locations and landmarks alike. Meeting Fortnite NPCs is an important part of each season, because they not only gift you free stuff just for talking to them, but they also sell goods, such as weapons and throwables, or services, such as allowing you to instantly redeploy from a rift or even hire them as bodyguards. Naturally, knowing all Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 NPC locations is tough work, so we've gone ahead and done the hard part for you. Here's all Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 3, Season 4.

Fortnite NPC locations - Chapter 3, Season 4

There are 22 NPCs found around the island in Fortnite currently, though this number tends to rise as the season goes on and new characters join the fray. Below we've included a list naming the spots where you'll find each numbered NPC, as well as a marked-up map identifying the exact location for those times when you don't know a place by name.
All 22 Fortnite NPCs; Click to expand1. Bao Bros - Inside the vault west of Coney Crossroads2. Beach Bomber - Coney Crossroads3. Blackheart - Lustrous Lagoon (atop the floating pirate ship)4. Bunker Jonesy - Fort Jonesy (does not spawn in every round)5. Castaway Jonesy - Fort Jonesy (does not spawn in every round)6. Cryptic - Rave Cave (in the airship)7. Evie - Cuddle Cruisers (small island east of Lustrous Lagoon)8. Fishstick - Sleepy Sound9. Guaco - Greasy Grove10. Jonesy The First - Fort Jonesy11. Kit - The Scratch Pad (west of Reality Tree; does not spawn in every round)12. Kyle - The Chop Shop (northeast of Logjam Junction)13. Mancake - Rocky Reels14. Maximillian - Floaty Boaties (south of Shifty Shafts)15. Meowscles - The Scrath Pad (west of Reality Tree; does not spawn in every round)16. Panther - gas station northeast of Rocky Reels17. Relaxed Fit Jonesy - Fort Jonesy (does not spawn in every round)18. Rustler - Shifty Shafts19. Sabina - Shell or High Water (northwest of Sleepy Sound)20. Stash'd - Chonker's Speedway21. Sunbird - The Temple (northeast of Lustrous Lagoon)22. Underwriter - Tilted Towers
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