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Fortnite New Map Changes In Chapter 3 Season 4: New POIs, Landmarks, and More

Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally underway, and it's sporting some pretty significant map changes to the ever-expanding battle royale. Most notably, a mysterious substance known as Chrome is taking over the map--and while that certainly sounds bad lore-wise, it's also bringing with it some fresh gameplay elements. We'll go into that and more in this breakdown of the biggest new additions to the map in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 map changes

There are some new and altered places of interest (POI), some never-before-seen mechanics, and more to check out this season. Let's take a look at the stuff you need to know.

New POI: Cloudy Condos

With the aforementioned Chrome taking over the island, some POIs have taken to the sky in an effort to avoid it. The most notable of these is the popular landing spot Condo Canyon, which has been renamed Cloudy Condos and will now fly around the map. This makes it an excellent spot to hang out and rain down fire on your enemies, but you'll need to be able to get up there. But if you plan to reach higher POIs like Cloudy Condos, you'll need to make use of one of the island's various D-Launchers to propel you up there.

New POI: Herald's Sanctum

Chrome has started covering the map in, well, chrome--but it's not content with merely layering itself atop existing POIs. It has also birthed a brand new location known as Herald's Sanctum, the headquarters for this season's villain. See it for yourself in the above slideshow.

New move: Slide Kick

First of all, you've got a new trick in your kit. While sliding used to only be used to help you move faster down slopes or make some cool plays during gunfights, when sliding into a foe in Season 4, you'll now knock them back a bit. Be sure to keep this in mind when fighting near places you or your opponents could fall off and take serious damage--it's yeet or be yeeted.
Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 map

New item: Chrome Splash

This season's most unique new item is the Chrome Splash, which can be used in multiple ways for some truly exciting plays. First of all, you can throw a Chrome Splash against a wall and then pass through like a portal to the other side to catch enemies off guard. You can also splash yourself with it to turn into a Chrome blob. While blobbed, you'll be able to run faster, air dash, and dash through walls, and you'll also be immune to fire and fall damage. However, the form only lasts for a limited time, so plan accordingly when facing opponents.
Condo Canyon has taken to the skies as Cloudy Condos.Gallery

New item: Keys

Finding a vault in Fortnite used to require multiple party members to show up and stand in front of a scanner, but Epic has opted for a more traditional method of unlocking vaults in Season 4. Keys can now be found across the island to unlock these vaults, giving you a more obvious incentive for tracking one down. Doing so is easier than ever now, though, because they'll show up on your map as a keyhole icon after picking up a key. Low-security vaults only require one key, but if you want even more items, you can opt to wait until you have two keys and can unlock a high-security vault.

New item: Port-A-Bunker

Epic has removed the controversial Port-A-Fort and replaced it with a similar but seemingly more balanced option. Unlike the Port-A-Fort, the brand new Port-A-Bunker is less about granting you a major height advantage during gunfights and more about genuine reinforcement of a location. This 1x1 structure can be deployed to provide some serious protection thanks to its metal walls and defensive tires on the outside that can make it tough for your opponents to push your location without getting bounced away.
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