The most evasive Visionary can be set up for her downfall with one elaborate process

How To Get Wenjie To The Party In Deathloop: What Wenjies Want Guide

Arguably the hardest Visionary to kill in Deathloop is Wenjie. The self-cloning scientist is married to her work, so you'll need to jump through some hoops to get her to Aleksis' party if you're hoping to kill all Visionaries in a single loop. Luckily, though the process is rather convoluted, it's something you'll need to perform just once. Follow these steps to get Wenjie to the party, then she'll be yours for the kill.

How to kill Wenjie in Deathloop

Wenjie hangs out at The Complex in the afternoon, where she spends her time with alternate versions of herself. You can kill all of them to collect her Slab, but you'll never be able to kill all seven Visionaries in a single loop if you're trying to off her at The Complex, because you'll need to spend your afternoon at Fristad Rock killing Charlie and Fia. You'll need to get Wenjie to Aleksis' evening party in Updaam.
For that, you'll actually want to be sure you've already finished the Afternoon Delight mission--the one that reveals how to kill Charlie and Fia together. During that mission, you'll find a passcode to get into Wenjie's private quarters at The Complex in the afternoon.
Use that code--it'll be different in your playthrough so I won't bother saying mine here--and sneak into her room to investigate further. Picking up all available notes and voice memos, you'll learn that her many clones all merge into the one true Wenjie in that loop, but that she ultimately rejects attending Aleksis' party because he, with his signature lack of charm, invites her rather rudely. You'll need to fake a friendlier invite, and once you do, it'll be something that happens automatically in each loop from then on, so you'll never need to do it again.
You'll need a voice sample of Aleksis' voice. For that, first head to Updaam in the evening and get into Aleksis' private room during his party. The Aether Slab works wonders here as the place is crawling with Eternalists. In his bedroom, you'll find a note containing a safe code.
To get into the Updaam safe at noon, you'll need to grab this note from Aleksis' bedroom during his party.
Next, head to Updaam at noon and go to the bottom floor of the library. Look for a locked safe that is standing upright in the middle of the room. Using your new code, open it. Inside, you'll find a wolf statue that features an audio log from Aleksis.
In his vanity, Aleksis rambles on for quite some time, plus the audio log auto-plays and repeats on a loop forever once you've picked it up. This means you'll need to either drop it, take out guards silently on your path, then retrieve it, or just be prepared for a loud gunfight, as the constant rambling will alert nearby enemies. Your destination is Charlie's Condition Detachment LARP across the bridge.
Once you get the (annoying) statue, carry it to 2-BIT inside the LARP setting.
Fight your way to the top floor where 2-BIT, the robot designed by Charlie (using part of his brain), is running the LARP as gamemaster. The robot is stationary and once you hack your way into the room with it, all the doors will lock and the blinds will close, so you're free to stand up and take a breather, even if Eternalists and/or Charlie still linger outside the doors.
Place the wolf statue beside the robot and talk to it. Select the dialogue option, "Give Wenjie what she wants." This will make 2-BIT forge a new, kinder party invite from "Aleksis" to Wenjie using the robot's voice-matching ability. Even better, the robot is unique in that it remembers processes with each new loop, so once you've forged the invite, you'll never have to do it again. From then on, Wenjie will be destined to arrive at the party in the Updaam (evening) portion of every loop.
That's right where you'll always want her too, because she'll join Frank, Egor, and Aleksis (who is automatically there) at the event, allowing you to kill more than half of the Visionaries in a single loop--and eventually kill all Visionaries in one day.
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