The new Sonic Netflix series is bringing the blue blur and some old friends back to TV

Sonic Prime Teaser Goes Fast, But It's A Lot To Take In

With the cancellation of Sonic Boom, Sonic the Hedgehog was prime for a quick return after the success of the Sonic movies and Netflix has answered the call. Sonic Prime is the latest series and is co-produced by Sega, Netflix Animation, WildBrain, and Man of Action Entertainment.
In Sonic Prime, we see the blue blur and crew needing to travel across the multiverse. Fans might remember a mystery tweet that was accidentally posted at the end of 2020, teasing the announcement, but soon deleted. Netflix released the first teaser, which you can see below.

Planned for release in Fall 2022, with 24 episodes in its first season, Sonic Prime brings fan favorites like Big the Cat as well as Sonic clone Shadow the Hedgehog to the series. Deven Mack provides the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog with the show focusing on the existing Sonic universe established by Sega but will build on top of that mythos.
"Sonic is a beloved character and holds a special place in everyone’s heart including my own," Dominique Bazay, director of original animation at Netflix, said at the time of the series announcement.
"I spent many hours with the blue blur as a kid," Bazay continued. "It's a privilege to be able to bring this character everyone knows and loves on a brand new adventure with Netflix--one that a generation of loyal fans and brand new fans around the world can enjoy."
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Lan Pitts

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