This Visionary is holed up in Karl's Bay and ripe for a takedown

How To Kill Harriet In Deathloop: Chaos Theory Guide

Knowing how to kill Harriet in Deathloop, like all Visionaries, takes practice and a deep understanding of the game's day/night cycle. In the best possible playthrough, Harriet will be the first Visionary you take out if you're trying to round them all up efficiently. But the path to get to her can be complicated, like a lot of Deathloop. Here's how to kill Harriet by way of the Chaos Theory story mission.

Deathloop: How to kill Harriet

Harriet is a unique target in Arkane's murder sandbox, because she seemingly can't be moved from her headquarters in Karl's Bay. It's there where she leads a small band of cult-like Eternalists, and like Jim Jones, she seems happy to distance herself from the rest of the world and maintain her power over her followers. Therefore, you'll need to get her in Karl's Bay, particularly during the morning.
Harriet's refusal to move much at all makes her predictable, but she's also dug into something like a fortress. At the far end of Karl's Bay, you'll find two large hangars, numbered 1 and 2 on their sides. Harriet will always be found in the hangar numbered 2. You can infiltrate this hangar in a number of ways, in traditional Arkane style.
Harriet waits in hangar 2, always.
You can scale to the top of the hangar using double-jump and Shift. You can use the Aether Slab to sneak past the many guards in hangar 1, then move through the connecting hallway between both hangars. You could, of course, just mow everyone down and walk through the large opening in the front too.
However you choose to do it, Harriet will be there waiting, though depending on how you do it, she may be on alert and ready to trade bullets. If you're able to sneak into the hangar, you'll find she's standing in the cockpit of a hanging airplane, speaking to some of her disciples. To her right, you won't find any entryway if you're coming in from the front or side of the hangar, but you can sneak in on the left in a few ways.
My preferred way was to crouch under the slightly open garage-like door on the bottom floor. While it looks just barely too small to fit under, there's one spot where you can squeeze under because the uneven floor sinks in a bit--or just Shift to the other side of it if you can. Alternatively, you could climb the rails and ceiling fixtures and sneak through the window to her bedroom on the next floor up, but you'll need the Aether Slab to do this quietly, as the window is reinforced with tripwires.
There are always many right answers to a problem in an Arkane game.
Once you're in and behind enemy lines on the left side, you can sneak to her level. In her room will be two or three Eternalist cronies. Take them out by any means necessary, but understand that if you go loud here, she will have time to get aggressive too, and she has a gun that fires poison cloud-forming ammunition, which really stings in a hurry.
As always, Deathloop leaves much of the how up to you, but one thing you must absolutely do is kill Harriet in this area during the Karl's Bay morning level. Doing that in any fashion of your choosing will be the first step toward killing all seven Visionaries in a single loop. While you're there, be sure to also sabotage Frank's fireworks so you can kill him later.
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Mark Delaney

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