High graphics card prices are here to stay

Don't Expect GPU Prices To Go Down, Nvidia Boss Says

Nvidia graphics cards have been a serious investment for PC gamers, and with the reveal of the new (and expensive) RTX 40-series GPUs, don't expect prices to come down for the latest gaming hardware.
Speaking to Digital Trends, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was asked about the pricing of the graphics cards and said that high prices are here to stay. "Moore's Law is dead. The idea that the chip is going to go down in price is a story of the past," Huang said.
Moore's Law is an idea based on historical trends, which generally sees PC performance double every few years while the components fall in price. According to Huang, the rising costs to manufacture components and slowing of additional power are the primary reasons why GPU prices remain high.
Lately, the GPU shortage that has dominated the scene has subsided and has created a surplus of graphics cards on the market. Nvidia is looking to sell off the older GPUs, which are still capable of a long gaming life and have more attractive prices when compared to how much the 40-series cards cost.
The RTX 4090, Nvidia's new flagship GPU, will start at $1600 when it launches on October 12, while the RTX 4080 16GB starts at $1200 and the 12GB version will set you back a minimum of $900. Cyberpunk 2077 will incorporate Nvidia's latest features in a future update, adding ray tracing: overdrive mode and Nvidia DLSS 3--both of which are only available on RTX 40 series cards.
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