Might need to grab a can of white spray paint from the hardware aisle if you want your own custom Xbox Series X

That White Xbox Series X Console Isn't Actually Happening, Sadly

An advertisement for Logitech's Astro A30 gaming headset went online last week, and in the video, a white Xbox Series X could be spotted. Outside of limited special editions, the Xbox Series X has only been available in its default black color scheme, and Microsoft has no plans to release a white version of its console, and it turns out that this ad wasn't meant to tease an upcoming white version of the console.
"The white Xbox Series X console for the promotional video by our partner is not in production," a Microsoft spokesperson said to VGC. "We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time."

In contrast, Sony's PS5 is technically available in a wide range of colors. The console itself ships with a default white plastic case around its important internals, but you can easily pop them off and replace the cover with more colorful options that span a wide number of options. A recent example is the Gray Camouflage console cover that was announced this month, which transforms the PS5 into a machine that can easily be hidden in rocky terrain.
While the Xbox Series X hasn't seen much variety in style since it launched in late 2020, the Xbox Series S has been a canvas for a number of one-off designs. From Doctor Strange to Garfield, the smaller Xbox console has been used in a number of promotions so far.
If you are desperate for an Xbox Series X that stands out from the usual model, disassembling the console (at your own warranty-voiding peril) isn't too difficult, and with some masking tape and a can of spray-paint, a makeover is easy enough to perform. Alternatively, the new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core edition controller comes with a white finish.
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