Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrives in town

All 45 New Games Arriving In The Nintendo Switch eShop This Week

The Nintendo Switch eShop is getting 45 new games this week, including the highly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Game Freak's next mainline Pokemon game is set to release on November 18.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open world game set in Paldea, a region loosely inspired by Spain. The three different starter Pokemon are the Grass cat Sprigatito, Fire crocodile Fuecoco, and the water duck Quaxly.
Scarlet and Violet also has three different quest lines: Victory Road, The Path of Legends, and Starfell Streets. Victory Road is the typical route of conquering gyms, Path of Legends appears to be more research and mystery based, and Starfell Streets offers a new way for players to challenge antagonists. For more information on this new Pokemon game check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review, as well as everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
For the holiday season spanning November 1 to January 10, if you're a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscriber, you can get double My Nintendo Gold Points on eligible purchases. So if you purchase an item in the eShop, you'll get 10%. A $60 purchase in the eShop will now return 600 Gold Points, which can be redeemed for $6 towards your next purchase.
Check out the full list of new games in the Nintendo eShop below.

Available Now (November 17)

Arcade Archives BARADUKEBig Kids Games Collection Bundle 6-in-1 Funny Educational Children & Toddler Learning PackBravery and GreedButterfly’s Poison; Blood ChainsChompy Chomp Chomp PartyCorner DriverCronostase Electric CollectionExtinction EclipseFirst Time in Rome – Collector’s EditionHappy Animals Mini GolfIn Extremis DXJigsaw Puzzle: Belgium through the LensLabyrinth: Classic Pinball PuzzleMadorica Real Estate 2 -The mystery of the new property-Martial KnightMcPixel 3Montgomery Fox And The Case Of The Diamond NecklaceMontgomery Fox And The Revenge Of Victor DravenMy Fantastic RanchPixel Game Maker Series VERZEUSPuzzle by Nikoli S SlitherlinkPuzzle Collection: Complete EditionQ REMASTEREDRWBY: ArrowfellStarsandThe Awakening of MummiesThe Closed CircleThe Kingdom of GardeniaThe Lost LabyrinthThe Oregon TrailUltimate ADOM – Caverns of ChaosWar of ShipsWobbledogs Console EditionWorld Class Champion SoccerWWII Tank Battle Arena

November 18

Pokemon Scarlet & VioletFinding ParadiseHeidelberg 1693 PidPuzzle Games Bundle (5 in 1)Quantum StormSlime’s JourneySuccubus With GunsSuper Toy Cars Collection

November 22

Saint KotarJust Dance 2023 Edition
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