All Pokemon-related games have shipped a total of 440 million units worldwide too

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Were The Most Preordered Titles In The Series' History

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sounds like they're off to, as the games reportedly had the largest amount of preorders in the history of the franchise.
This comes from Japanese outlet Oricon (translations via DeepL, via GamesRadar), which reports that The Pokemon Company's chief operating officer Takato Utsunomiya has announced that Scarlet and Violet have had more preorders than any other title throughout the series 26-year history.
Utsunomiya announced the news at a launch event for the pair of Pokemon games, though didn't specify how many preorders the games had received. He did note that 440 million units of Pokemon-related games have been sold since the launch of the very first titles in Japan, Pokemon Red and Green.
The chief operating officer also told Oricon in an interview that because of the new elements Scarlet and Violet has introduced, for first-time players, playtimes could go all the way up to 60 hours, which is quite a bit longer than the typical Pokemon adventure.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched today (August 18), generally to quite positive reviews. While a number of the changes to the series, like the open world and story progression, were welcomed by critics, a number of outlets experienced some strong performance issues in their playthroughs.
GameSpot's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review gave the game an 8/10, saying, "While undercooked presentation and visual issues hold the games back, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still the best mainline Pokemon games in years. They build off Pokemon Legends: Arceus's open-ended design in some thoughtful and surprising ways, and retain that same level of depth that the mainline series is known for."
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This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Oisin Kuhnke

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