Get A Flying Pikachu In The First Limited-Time Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Event

Pikachu is ready for takeoff.

A new generation of Pokemon have officially debuted this week, and like previous games, Nintendo is celebrating the launch by offering a very special Pokemon through an official distribution event. Between now and February 28, you'll be able to download a rare Pikachu by connecting your Switch to the internet and accessing the Poke Portal through your digital or physical copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.
Once there, select Mystery Gift and Get via internet, and you'll have a new pal ready to join you on your Paldean adventure. What makes this Pikachu worth obtaining? Besides the adorability factor, this particular electric rat knows the move Fly, which Pikachu are usually incapable of learning. Evolution only takes them so far, after all. Usually reserved for Flying-type Pokemon, Fly is a useful two-turn attack that can demolish Fighting and Grass-type Pokemon on the field, adding some extra utility to this particular Pikachu.
A very special Pikachu.
It'll be at level 5 when you obtain it, and it also knows Tail Whip, Thundershock, and Quick Attack, a solid arrangement of moves that can help you level your new Pikachu up quickly. As noted by Serebii, you'll need to start the Treasure Hunt activity first before the Mystery Gift option unlocks, but that does occur early on in the game. If you're looking for some handy guides to bookmark in your new Pokemon journey, you can check out GameSpot's features on a number of topics.
Beginner tips will help you get started on your adventure, you can read up on how long it takes to beat Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, what the Starter Pokemon look like when fully evolved, and the recommended order for taking on gyms in Paldea.
"While Pokemon Legends: Arceus dipped its toes into what an open-world Pokemon game could be, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fully embrace it," Jake Dekker wrote in GameSpot's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review. "This new approach to the tried-and-true Pokemon formula reinvigorates the mainline series and delivers one of the most challenging and rewarding Pokemon adventures to date."
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