In a recent quarterly report, gaming giant Embracer Group revealed a potentially explosive deal, but did not reveal the partners attached to it

Embracer Group Reveals Mysterious And "Transformative" Six-Year Deal

The gaming conglomerate Embracer Group recently released its interim Q2 report, and it revealed a "transformative" six-year deal with multiple partners. However, it's not clear who these partners are, and what this deal will actually involve.
According to the report, the Embracer Group expects "the whole or parts" of this six-year transaction to close during the financial year. The partnership apparently covers a range of "large-budget upcoming games," and Embracer expects it to "improve predictability, lower business risk, and provide a positive impact on our cash flow and profits."
This apparent blockbuster deal is a ray of good news in a report that featured a few negative revelations. For example, Saints Row developer Volition will merge with Gearbox, after the game failed to recapture the critical acclaim of previous games in the series. (However, Embracer insists that the game sold in line with expectations.)
The last section of the report mentions tumultuous market conditions, and suggests that Embracer may have to offload some of its many companies and studios into separate publicly traded companies under a Swedish tax policy called Lex Asea. While that's not exactly the most promising news in the world, let's hope that we at least get that new Legacy of Kain game that's been teased.
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This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Steven T. Wright

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