The competitive ecosystem of Destiny 2 is going to see some big changes

Destiny 2's Crucible Will Undergo A Big Revamp In Season 19 And Beyond

Big changes are coming to Destiny 2's PvP modes in the future, as Bungie plans to overhaul the Crucible in a manner similar to how Trials of Osiris was revamped several seasons. In an update on its blog post, Bungie detailed how it plans to revisit various aspects of the game to see how well they fit with the rest of Destiny 2.
This redesign will begin in Season 19 and will continue well into the future of Destiny 2, as Bungie plans to update the Crucible playlist structure and streamline it. This plan includes collapsing the Control and Clash game modes into a single Quickplay playlist, bringing some of the lesser-played modes into weekly rotations, and introducing a new Crucible Seal to encourage players to engage more frequently in PvP.
Lord Shaxx will have engram-focusing available from his vendor position in the Tower, and in next year's Lightfall expansion, this will be expanded to include older weapons and armor sets across Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials, and more. Matchmaking, which has recently been updated to loose skill-based matchmaking for several modes, will evolve to encompass skill, connection, and team sizes in the future. Bungie says that this new approach will begin the quickplay playlists and will roll out to more playlists over time, while new matchmaking techniques in Trials of Osiris are being tested so that solo and duo fireteams can have a better experience outside of the Freelance match option.
More maps will be added to the Crucible over the next year, including two from the earlier years of Destiny 2 and a brand-new map that will debut during the year of Lightfall. Finally, a competitive division is being introduced to act as a Ranked space for Crucible players looking to test their skills against opponents of similar strength.
In other Destiny 2 news, Iron Banner is getting a new game mode that looks set to put an unpredictable spin on Control and it's going to be easier to earn Season of Plunder's Scallywag title now that Bungie has made a few changes to the requirements. Next will see the start of a new community event, as players can work to help build a better living space for the Eliksni in the Last City.
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