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Adopt Stray For Just $29 With This Black Friday Deal

2022 has been a year of martial arts masters, vampire-slaying cowboys, and tarnished warriors, but Stray and its adorable feline has been a standout release in a crowded calendar. In case you missed it when it first came out, now's a great time to adopt Stray and bring it home, as the PS5 and PS4 game is just $29 right now on Amazon and GameStop as part of Black Friday promotions.
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Stray starts out innocently enough as you take control of a nimble cat, but before long, you find yourself stuck in a strange and dangerous world filled with deadly flesh-eating aliens and sentient robots living in a dank metropolis. Armed with a friendly drone and a desire to get back home, Stray's clever platforming and intuitive design really makes you feel like a cat on the prowl, making it resonate with players this year. And their own pet cats, who couldn't get enough of the protagonist's cute meows.
"Stray's ultimate strength is how well its overall design embodies the unique perspective and capabilities of its protagonist, but it also doesn't rely on this to be the only distinguishing feature of the entire adventure," Alessandro Barbosa wrote in GameSpot's Stray review. "A lot of the enjoyment throughout Stray's runtime comes from how well each scenario is designed for the abilities of its feline hero, and how empowering it is to be able to navigate its gorgeous hubs and derelict cities with the additional agility on offer."
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