Pokemon Scarlet And Violet's Silly Glitches Have Taken Over The Internet

Gotta catch 'em all.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet released on November 17, just before last weekend. Almost immediately after players got their hands on the game, the internet became inundated with clips of glitches and bugs ranging from the terrifying to the hilarious.
The glitches include simple modeling issues, improperly rendered animations, and the entire ground dropping out from underneath a player, such as in the clip linked below.

Innumerable glitches involve riding one of the game's motorcycle Pokemon. Several glitches show the Pokemon disappear entirely, whether in cutscenes or in game. In another glitch, summoning a motorcycle Pokemon grotesquely elongates the player model, giving it hollow white eyes and a hideously broad smile.

Other glitches show game elements passing through the environment or other models. In one video, the player encounters a Magicarp along the edge of a pond. Upon summoning their Pokemon, it falls through the water, disappearing entirely from view.

In this clip from Reddit user masspanick101, the player rides their Pokemon on a shoreline before a cutscene starts. The cutscene shows one man standing in the middle of the frame, looking on while another man walks through him. Silly saxophone music even plays in the background.

A few clips show off low frame rates causing choppy animations, such as a slow-turning windmill. One bizarre bug lets you run faster if you plug in two controllers. The clips above are just a sampling of the absurd things players are finding and experiencing. Despite these issues, the games have generally reviewed well.
This story originally appeared on: Gamespot - Author:Grace Benfell

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