Dunsparce evolves at last, but the process of getting Dundunsparce isn’t exactly made clear in the games

How To Evolve Dunsparce Into Dundunsparce In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A Dunsparce evolution finally exists, though how to get Dundunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn’t the clearest process if you don’t already know what you’re doing. The hardest part, however, is actually finding Dunsparce in Paldea. They’re technically common across most of the region, but a quirk in their nature means getting close enough to capture one takes some extra work.

How to get Dunsparce in Scarlet and Violet

Dunsparce have a low chance of appearing across more than half of Paldea’s map, including:
South Province Areas One, Three, Four, Five, and SixEast Province Areas One, Two, and ThreeAlfornada CavernAsado DesertWest Province Areas Two and Three
Unlike in Dunsparce’s early days, this Normal-type Pokemon doesn’t only live in caves. You have a low chance of spotting them in the grass, in the fields, or wandering about like any other Pokemon. The difference is that Dunsparce flees when you approach, digging a hole and burying itself underground.
If Dunsparce does this, that’s it. They won’t resurface, and you’ll have to wait and find another one. Press the “B” button to crouch and move more slowly, so you won’t alert the Dunsparce. Make sure not to have a Pokemon out running around as well. They may defeat the critter and ruin your chance of catching Dunsparce.
The easiest way to hunt for Dunsparce is to try searching near an area’s borders. If you don’t find one nearby, or if they escape, you can cross over the border into a town or another Area to reset the available Pokemon and try again.
It took us quite a while to find Dunsparce, so you’ll need a bit of patience. Once you have a Dunsparce or a Dundunsparce, the easiest way to get more is finding a Ditto and using them to get some Dunsparce Eggs.
You can technically find Dunsparce almost anywhere, but actually spotting them is much more difficult.

How to evolve Dunsparce into Dundunsparce

Dunsparce only evolves after leveling up while knowing Hyper Drill. They naturally learns this move at level 32, and even if you catch a higher-level Dunsparce--in South Province Area Six, for example--they should still know the move. If you need to re-teach Hyper Drill, though, here’s how to do it.
Open the menuSelect Dunsparce and “check summary”Press the right direction pad buttonChoose “Remember moves”Pick the move you want to re-learn (Hyper Drill)
After that, battle with Dunsparce to raise their level or use EXP Candy, and boom, there’s your Dundunsparce.

Dundunsparce variations

Most Dundunsparce have two abdomen segments, but there is a very slight chance you may get one with three abdomen segments. This is purely a physical distinction, though. Three-segment Dundunsparce have no advantage over the others.

Can you catch Dundunsparce in the wild?

Wild Dundunsparce do exist, but like wild Farigiraf, you’ll have to wait until the end of the game to find them. Dundunsparce only roam Area Zero, the space tied to the Great Crater that you don’t have access to until the end of the main campaign.

Is Dundunsparce good?

The thing to remember here is that Dundunsparce is just more Dunsparce, so if you’ve used Dunsparce before, you already have a good idea what to expect. Dundunsparce has decent base attack and middling defense, but the real draw with them is the same thing that makes Dunsparce worthwhile: They can learn a staggering number of moves via TMs. These include all the Tail moves, along with Body Press, and even special attacks such as Flamethrower and Shadow Ball.
Dundunsparce is a pure Normal type, which means they only has one weakness as well. Dunsparce and its evolved form might not be the flashiest member of your team, but they’re certainly capable of carrying their weight.
If you’re looking for some more tips, check out our list of things we wish we knew before starting Scarlet and Violet so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. And to get another strong new Paldea Pokemon to your team, have a look at how to evolve Charcadet, whose final form changes depending on which version of Scarlet and Violet you’re playing.
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