Marvel Snap Will Finally Let You Acquire Specific Cards You Want

A new "Collector's Tokens" currency will let you shop for a particular card you want instead of waiting for it to randomly unlock.

Marvel Snap is an excellent card battler, but if there's one complaint that's come up time and time again from the community, it's that you can't just acquire a specific card missing from your collection. This is especially problematic if you're just one card short of a powerhouse deck, and Second Dinner has announced plans to address that in the next game patch.
Currently, you acquire cards by upgrading your Collection Rank. Once you get past Collection rank 500, though, acquiring cards becomes more inconsistent, since they come in Collector's Caches that can also consist of other items like boosters or credits. Plus there's so many cards in that pool that when cards do unlock, it probably won't be the one you need. With the next update, Marvel Snap will add "Collector's Tokens," a new currency that you'll acquire in Collector's Caches instead of boosters.
Collector's Tokens can be used to purchase cards outright from the Token Shop. The shop selection will rotate every eight hours, and if you see a card you want to buy you can pin it to keep its place in the shop while you save up the tokens you need to buy it. The frequent card rotation means that you should see any card you're missing as long as you check in regularly.
As part of the update, there will be two new card series (or pools). Series 4 will launch with 10 cards. You can find them while still seeking Series 3 cards as well, but they'll be 10 times more rare than a Series 3 card. These can be targeted in the Token Shop. Series 5, the "Ultra Rare" series, will launch with only six cards, including Thanos and Galactus. Those can be found randomly, too, but they're 10 times rarer than Series 4 cards. Season Pass cards will also be added to Series 5 temporarily once they cycle out. As time goes on, some Series 5 cards will get moved down to Series 4, and some from Series 4 will get moved to Series 3. The team says it hasn't nailed down the timing yet, but its goal is that it should take "months, not years" for a card to move down the series ladder.
Collector's Caches will have a 25% chance to drop 100 Tokens, and once you acquire all of the cards in Series 3, you'll get another 22% chance to get a big payout of 400 Tokens. Series 3 cards will cost 1,000 Tokens, Series 4 will cost 3,000 Tokens, and Series 5 will cost 6,000 Tokens. The blog did not mention any plans to sell Collector's Tokens directly as real-money transactions. You'll also get a bonus of Tokens based on your Collection Level once the update launches.
500-999 CL: 3,000 Tokens1000-2999 CL: 6,000 Tokens3000+ CL: 12,000 Tokens
If you haven't hit CL 500 yet, you'll get that 3,000 Token bonus once you reach it.
The update will also include a number of new cards, including She-Hulk, Luke Cage, M'Baku, Valkyrie, and more.
If you need some tips on which cards to shop for once the update launches, check out our Best Pool 1 decks and Best Pool 2 decks.
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