You can get a first look at the upcoming hero on November 26

Earn Double XP And Log-In Rewards In Overwatch 2 Ahead Of Ramattra Gameplay Trailer

A gameplay trailer showing off upcoming hero Ramattra's abilities will drop on November 26. That weekend and beyond, you can pick up various bonuses in Overwatch 2.
From November 24-28, Overwatch matches will grant double XP, which you can use to catch up on the battle pass before Season 2's launch on December 6. On November 22-26, you can pick up the Junker Queen “Five Fingers” Highlight Intro by logging in. Starting November 27 and ending December 2, you can pick up the Kiriko “On the Wind” Highlight Intro as a log-in reward.
Ramattra is an Omnic tank anti-hero with two forms. In the first form, Omnic, he focuses on defending allies with barriers and dealing long-range damage. In the second form, Nemesis, he turns into an aggressive fighter, cutting down low-health enemies. He will arrive in the game with Season 2 on December 6.
Overwatch 2's latest big patch, and its first major balance patch, nerfed Genji to bring his abilities more in like with other DPS heroes. The patch added aim assist for cross-play PC and console lobbies. The update also restored Mei, who was removed from the game for two weeks due to a bug involving her ice wall ability.
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