You can grab the collectible figurines with in-game functionality for a song (and $10-15) right now at Amazon

Zelda: Skyward Sword And Metroid Dread Amiibos Get Huge Discounts

Good news for fans of Metroid Dread and Zelda: Skyward Sword: the associated Amiibo for those two Switch games are going for cheap as part of Black Friday sales. Both sets of collectible figurines unlock in-game functionality for their games, along with any other game that supports them like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
See Zelda: Skyward Sword amiibo at Amazon See Metroid Dread amiibo 2-Pack at Amazon
The Zelda: Skyward Sword Amiibo features Zelda (in her cute as a button Skyward Sword outfit) with a huge Loftwing, the airborne transportation in the game. It's down to $10 from $25, marking a massive discount. The Metroid Dread pack, meanwhile, has Samus in her sleek white-and-blue Dread suit, facing off against a deadly EMMI robot. It's $15, down from $30.
Like all Amiibo figurines, these unlock special in-game content or boosts by scanning them into your system. The Zelda amiibo lets you fast-travel back to your sky home, even if you're inside a dungeon at the time, and then warp right back to the surface. The Samus Amiibo unlocks an extra health tank, and can be used once per day for an emergency health refill, and the EMMI Amiibo gives you a missile tank and can be used once per day to refill some missile capacity.
If you need to pick up the games to play, those are on sale too. Skyward Sword is down to $38 for Black Friday, and Metroid Dread is going for $45 at some retailers. Be sure to check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales for more Switch deals.
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