Triangle Strategy offers classic tactical-RPG gaming with a quicker pace

Triangle Strategy Is Just $42 For Black Friday

November is a terrible month for gamers, in a way, because with a number of blockbuster releases and Black Friday specials, you'll be left with a backlog that has grown to a gargantuan size. Here's one more great game for the pile, as the PC version of Triangle Strategy is currently on special for just $42 on Green Man Gaming.
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One for strategy-RPG fans, Triangle Strategy mixes sharp HD-2D visuals with plenty of inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Taking place on the continent of Norzelia amidst warring kingdoms, the story focuses on love, betrayal, and all-out war on traditional grid-based planes. The big difference here is that these gameplay mechanics have a more streamlined design, with some excess fat trimmed off of the final experience.
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"Triangle Strategy isn't the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre that it appears to be," Steve Watts wrote in GameSpot's Triangle Strategy review. "While some of these improvements make for a better, more modernized take on the grid-based strategy genre, others remove a level of player agency and tactical character development that were vital to making that classic feel so special. Its standout quality, however, is its compelling tale of political intrigue and kingdom-shaking decisions, which starts slow but ultimately feels extremely rewarding for all the time invested in long dialogue scenes."
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